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gothique_egl's Journal

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A community for Gothic Lolitas
This community is for Gothic Lolitas!

If you do not know what Gothic Lolita is, or you are interested in knowing more about the style please check out the lolita_handbook! This is an amazing guide to just about anything you need to know about the lolita fashion, including Gothic Lolita!

Community Rules

1. Please refrain from posting any other lolita style other than Gothic Lolita as this is the main style our community focuses on.

2. Be respectful! Everyone on this community should be treated as equal and thus we ask for the appropriate courtesy amongst each other. Constructive criticism is allowed, but keep it at a modest level and be polite when doing so. Keep any personal and/or public drama out of this community. If you have a problem with another member that cannot be resolved away from this community, please contact a moderator.

3. Place all images larger than 400x400 pixels behind a cut. Also, if you have multiple pictures you are sharing, please consider putting them behind a cut as well. We like to keep our community clean looking and large images tend to take up more room on member's friend lists, which can slow down web page connection for some people. If you do not know what an LJ cut is, please refer to this page: How to use an LJ cut

4. Concerning sales posts and advertisements:
ONLY communities containing Gothic Lolita may be advertised. Sales posts that offer Gothic Lolita merchandise are also welcome, but please refrain from advertising any other lolita style as those should be advertised in their respectful communities.
**Members looking for Gothic Lolita sales, purchases, trades, etc, should check out egl_comm_sales.

5. Introduction posts We love to get to know more about our fellow Gothic Lolitas on this community so feel free to post an introduction about yourself!

The following is a good example of a typical introduction post, however you are welcome to change it up or add a different introduction than the example provided.

< b>Name/Nickname:</ b>
< b>Where are you from?</ b>
< b>How long have you been in to the lolita fashion?</ b>
< b>What is/are your favorite lolita style(s)?</ b>
< b>Favorite Brand(s):</ b>
< b>Anything else:</ b>
< b>Pictures of yourself?</ b>

Just remove the spaces, in the "< b>" and "</ b>"

6. Tags are also important to our community. It helps members and viewers alike to search for the appropriate content of what they are looking for if they would like to view a specific kind of post.


please use these:
!introduction to intro posts
!outfit for outfit posts
!turtorial for turtorials
If you don't know wich tags to use leave it and I can tag the entry later.

For any questions, comments, or concerns that cannot be shared or answered through the community, please either PM one of the mods or send an email to gothique.egl (at) gmail.com

Also, we fully support egl, so please consider making posts over there as well as here! :)

Thank you, and enjoy!!